Apex Brand Assets

Below you’ll find all of the assets and digital files for the Apex brand system. For more information on how to use these assets — including guidelines for logo usage, colors, and creating other branded materials, download the Apex Brand Guidelines.

If you need any other assets or have questions about these files, feel free to reach out to the Marketing Team.

Apex Logo Files

Below are files for the Apex logo in a range of file types. The most commonly used file type is a JPEG, which will work for almost every application. The EPS file is a high-quality file that’s perfect for printed materials.

If you need a specific size, format or color — contact the Apex Marketing Team.

Full Color — JPG, PNG, and EPS

B&W on light background — JPG, PNG, and EPS

Reversed Full color — PNG, and EPS

B&W on dark background — PNG, and EPS