Failing to implement a multi-gen strategy can hurt firm valuations: Apex Clearing white paper – Apex

Wealth advisors who fail to use a multi-generational strategy and neglect the needs and expectations of younger clients could find the value of their practice at risk, according to our new white paper, The Next Digital Divide: The Role of NextGen in Valuing Advisory Practices.

And what is the key to engaging the next generation of investors? Digital solutions.

According to the research cited in the paper, today’s advisory firms that offer digital solutions are at an advantage on multiple fronts, as these models build a bridge to younger clients, offer support to existing ones and help perpetuate a longer, dependable and more valuable revenue stream.

“We’d like to start a conversation regarding NextGen investors and their important role in fueling the future growth of Wealth Management,” said one of the paper’s authors, Ron Fiske, managing director at Beacon Strategies and a consultant to Apex.

While the paper found that building a digital capability does require an upfront investment in technology and tech-savvy staff, this investment ultimately pays attractive dividends. In fact, a firm that implements digital solutions may find its advisors able to both handle more clients and spend less time doing so and see their practices benefit from greater operational efficiencies.

“We hope the information in this white paper and in our most recent Next Investor Outlook, which analyzes the behavior of millennial and Gen Z investors to help financial professionals better serve younger clients, inspires advisory firms around the country to embrace the technology and services that younger investors have come to expect,” said our CEO, Bill Capuzzi.


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Hannah Shaw Grove

Hannah Shaw Grove

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