The systemic racism and injustice that has been ongoing and present in our country for years, and so prevalent in recent weeks, has come to a head and lit a fire underneath all of us.

At Apex, we prefer action over words.

It’s for this reason that I have waited to address our community until I could do more than acknowledge the events that have played out across our country and point to some deliberate actions we are taking to effect change.

We have been listening and working quietly in the background with our parent company, PEAK6, and our band of like-minded, action-oriented clients, to create a new coalition called FINTECH IN ACTION dedicated to increasing Black inclusion in finance and fintech, now and in the future.

For one week starting on Monday, June 22nd – and annually thereafter – we will lead an awareness and fundraising event to create internships and mentoring initiatives for minority high school and college students in financial services and fintech firms.

But giving money is not enough. Our coalition is partnering with Greenwood Project, a Chicago-based non-profit organization dedicated to creating successful career pathways in financial services for young, high achieving minority students. We chose to support Greenwood Project’s mission because we share the same belief that diverse teams lead to more creative thinking, greater innovation and better outcomes – and the homogeneity in our own companies and the broader industry needs to change, immediately. The Greenwood Project has created a model that is ready to grow and expand in tangible ways that FINTECH IN ACTION can leverage.

We encourage as many financial firms as possible to join FINTECH IN ACTION to drive change with us. There is not a lack of talent in the Black community, but a lack of opportunity.

Together, we’re investing in the future of what ought to be. Let’s make our industry one of inclusion for all those who choose to make it their livelihood. It takes more than writing a check. More than a social media post. More than words—action.

If your firm is interested in being part of FINTECH IN ACTION, alongside Apex and many others, please contact us to learn more.

William Capuzzi

William Capuzzi

In his role as CEO of Apex Clearing, William sets the vision and strategy to help Apex identify and realize new areas of growth and opportunity. Under his guidance, Apex continues to be a proven leader in clearing and execution, helping power the digital revolution in financial services.