Clearing & Custody

Apex is a digital clearing and custody engine that’s powering the future of fintech.

We were one of the first companies to digitize the activities associated with securities clearing and custody so financial services providers can have the speed, efficiency and flexibility they need to deliver better investor experiences.

When we work with you, our sole focus is on facilitating the relationship between you and your customers. So you can rest assured that you won’t be competing with Apex retail locations or investment products, but you will get the benefits of our private backing, deep capitalization and a proprietary enterprise-grade technology platform with the throughput and scalability required by fast-growing, high volume companies.

As a custodian, Apex is responsible for holding and safekeeping investor assets.

Financial Instruments

  • Equities
  • ETFs and Mutual Funds
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Digital Assets
  • Cryptocurrencies (with Apex Crypto)

Account Types

  • Individual & Joint
  • Retirement
  • Custodial
  • Trust & Entity
  • Institutional

Financing Solutions

  • Margin
  • Portfolio Margin
  • Stock Lending

Modern Client Experiences

  • Zero-commission models
  • Dollar-based, fractional trading
  • Fast, frictionless, seamless
  • Self-directed or advisory models

Apex Technical Solutions

Whether you’re starting a business or expanding into new areas, Apex offers an extensive range of technical services that support the critical functions needed to run a modern investment company.

Explore the Apex family of solutions…


Everything you need to approve, onboard and maintain accounts including in-line investor verification, paperless enrollments and account preference configuration.


Flexible suite of APIs enabling you to execute across major asset classes, including fractional order, book-keeping and stock locate support.


APIs allowing you to build portfolio models, assign them to accounts and automate rebalancing trade proposal generation, including straight though processing of order execution and trade allocation to maximize operational efficiencies.


Everything related to moving money like initiating ACH transactions, scheduling recurring deposits, authorizing and managing bank linkages, and more.


API to streamline, initiate, manage and report on ACATS account transfers. Provides critical transparency and controls to enable specific user business requirements.


Tax-related services that deliver cost basis calculations, corporate actions, reporting and more.


Back-end compliance processes and regulatory requirements like CAT and OATS reporting, trade surveillance and more.


Everything that allows you to manage custodial investor communications including electronic delivery of trade confirmations, statements, tax reporting and more.

The developer experience with Apex starts with technical documentation, use cases and workflows. Our onboarding and integration experts are available from kick-off through development and launch.

  • Full API Documentation
  • Enhanced Developer Portal
  • Technical Product Managers and Sales Engineers
  • Consultative Support

Apex Extend

This full-stack business solution connects the front, middle and back office environments to streamline your internal processes and deliver a robust investor experience


Configurable to meet the unique needs of your firm

  • Full-stack technology solution with an open architecture design
  • Configurable to your requirements – available for established institutions, financial advisors, startups and innovators
  • White-label capabilities to put your brand front and center


View and process transactions in a seamless, unified platform experience

  • Deliver an investing experience as it ought to be
  • Connect your front, middle and back office


Provides an end to end solution

  • Connectivity to Apex’s market-leading digital custody solutions
  • Access to the typically unseen layer of operations that deals with risk management, profit and loss along with other business transactions.

Front Office

  • Retail Investor Interface with a single integrated view for all investor accounts
  • Professional Investor Interface offering a customizable active trader platform
  • Comprehensive Advisor Workstation for financial services professionals managing client accounts with modular “digital services” allowing for simple, fast user configuration


  • Account creation, funding and maintenance, that allows you to open accounts at scale while keeping documents up to date real time
  • Operations and Compliance Interfaces with customized dashboards providing real-time compliance control and monitoring

Back Office

  • Integrated with Apex’s suite of technology APIs for connectivity to your books and reconciliation needs
  • Real time back office connectivity for operations

Integration Partners

Apex offers an open architecture ecosystem of pre-integrated turnkey platforms and services that make it easier to leverage Apex’s core technology.

Our evolving group of partners is built around validated use cases and curated to offer maximum choice and flexibility while providing access to a combination of long-standing industry solutions as well as the newest innovators.

Platform Providers


Reporting & Communications


Risk Management

Systems Integrator

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